Fresh off the bench

I just finished a new paring knife. This is by far one of the best paring knives to come out of the workshop. I typically stick with a drop point on all of my knives, I don’t know why other than they naturally compliment my style. This guy has stainless steel pins, ebony handles, and O1 tool steel metal. This is the first time I tried anything really artistic with the handle. I wanted the profile of the handle to look to have a diamond shape with a protruding edge that ran parallel to the top and bottom of the handle and it really paid off! Its comfortable in the hand and its really easy to keep a grip on. I cant wait to make more of these.

Also, this was the second knife off of my grizzly 2 x 72 sander. I love having a grinder, it has cut my working time in half, which allows me to spend more time doing the thing I really enjoy, playing with more designs! More knives in, more knives out.

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