Neck Knife Prototype

Neck KnivesThis is a pair of neck knives I am working on. A couple of friends have asked me about making some neck knives and I had some scrap material laying around that could be used for the project. It was also an opportunity to see how handling small steel on the new grinder would fair. The Grizzly 2 x 72 made quick work of both of them and in short time I had the bevels cut and the blanks all but finished.

The top knife is from stock half as thick as the bottom and I ruined the tip on it several times. It was a mixed blessing though, the top knife has a more aggressive angle from the point to the cutting edge and I think I like that.

These will be getting some home made micarta scales. Check back soon, I will certainly do a follow up post showing how they turn out. These are also the first two knives I electro-etched my makers mark in to. The top one was done second and it turned out not so well. I wanted to see how many times I could reuse the “screen” and the the answer is “exactly 0 times”.


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