Camping Knife Prototype



My endeavor to make knives started with a search for the perfect camping knife. I was searching for a knife that would last a lifetime, be suitable for skinning game, batoning through a log, or lashing to a staff to make a spear. I found many candidates, KabarCamillus BushCrafter, and Esee. All of them are very capable knives, but none of them exactly matched my criteria, whether it be price, handle shape, or finish.

I wanted a knife that was light, with a thick spine suitable for striking a firesteel or batoning through a log and removable handles with lashing holes on the tang, just to name a few of the requirements.

This camping knife wont fit all of those requirements, I am still working out the blade shape and the tang shape. On this particular prototype, I am very happy with the shape of the blade. I think the handle still leaves more to be desired. Once this one is complete I will focus more closely on the handle and the next one will have removable scales. I want to get this guy out and field tested before I proceed.

I am planning to put rosewood handles on this knife with stainless steel hardware. Check out the photos below to see some progress pictures. I will be posting updates as it nears completion so be sure check back in!

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