Neck Knife Update


Sweltering heat and 100% humidity won’t keep me out of my shop! I managed to start working on the handles for neck knife #1. 

Not only is the blade a prototype shape, but I made my own micarta from some old t-shirts and dyed them orange. The color came out a little more red than expected. The resin I used didn’t dry completely clear, but instead had a slightly yellow tint. Next time I will document the entire process of making the micarta or at the minimum link some videos on youtube of others doing it. Making your own micarta has all of the ingredients for fun: it’s messy, it requires safety gear, and you end up with something wholly unique at the end. On with the progress…


Tonight I was able to rough in the shape of the handle. I did most of the work on the belt sander and then turned to a rasp and file to work on the curves that the belt sander cant get to.


To finish the front of the handle, I started with 100 grit sandpaper and progressed to 1200 to sheen on it. There are some pink spots where the layers of t-shirt didnt completely compress as evidenced by the photo above. I am going to try to fill these in before completing the handle. In the next update, I plan to have a handles mounted to the tang and the shape mostly roughed in.

Finally, here is a picture of the blank to give a sense of scale. Sorry, didnt have any bananas available.


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