Neck Knife #1 Complete

Finished, matches for scale

I scrounged together several hours this weekend to wrap up the first neck knife project. It started out as a series of experiments, some successful, some not-so-much. 

Lets start with the micarta. I made my own micarta out of some cotton tshirts for the handle and it turned out just okay. Despite a smooth as glass feel,  there are various white spots in the surface of the handle. I think this is from air bubbles that were trapped in the resin when the fabric was compressed together in my jig. The solution may be two fold: don’t try to apply a “plastic, smooth as glass” finish to the handle or to build a vacuum chamber.

I still have a fairly large piece of the micarta and I will probably go ahead and attach it to this guy’s little brother. Instead of a smooth finish, I will opt for a textured handle, similar to this: Benchmade Osborne Rift (which looks amazing).

Originally, the design included a pronounced ricaso, but a mishap on the belt sander ruined my line so it was ground down, but I decided to leave the resulting choil, mostly so I could see what it looked it; although it provides no real function here.

Next up, making the sheath and starting on the little brother. Thanks for checking it out and be sure to look at the gallery below.



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