Mini Cleaver Prototype Done

I needed a project to keep busy while waiting on supplies for my next big project. I needed something simple, because there wasn’t much time before new supplies arrived, and I needed something small because I’m almost out of steel. So I started the mini cleaver.

The only steel in my shop was a 1/8th”, 5″ x 3″ piece of O1 tool steel. Inspired by several other makers who have made some gorgeous cleavers, I wanted to make something similar.
IMG_0878I wanted to give a go at hollow grinding, but based on some practice with a piece of wood, my 10 inch wheel was too big and the blade would become to thin to resist warping or cracking during heat treating, so flat grinding it was.



The flat grind turned out beautiful regardless and gave the blade a terrific profile. The bevel combined with the curve on the front of the blade really come together nice, a hollow grind on something like this wouldn’t look right I don’t think.

The only thing I would change on this is the placement of the lanyard hole, it should be higher in the handle. I can’t wait to make more of these.

Check out the gallery below for more pictures!

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