I make stuff. It started with Lego 25 year ago and as I grew older and playing with toys became less and less socially acceptable, I started building things with new “toys”. I took up programming, but I always came back to wanting to do something with my hands. From that desire came electrical engineering and making stuff in my garage.

My passion has become knife making. There is something primal in turning a blunt piece of soft metal into a sharp cutting tool. My knives are designed with simplicity in mind. I keep my curves simple and elegant, the “flourishes” should never impede the intended use of the blade, and the primary use of the knife should be immediately obvious from looking at the shape of it.

I have recently begun designing leather sheaths for my hunting and camping knives. The natural material lends itself to the “something primal” of the knife making and is the perfect companion skill. From the first sketch of a hunting or EDC knife, the sheath is a consideration. The knife and sheath are designed as a single unit, with consideration given to how it will be worn, what environment it will be used in, and how convenient it must be.

If you have any questions or would like something made in the workshop for you please e-mail me at justin@ironbeardworkshop.com


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